These kits are perfect for targeting Big Fish, all jigs are poured on upgraded 10/0 2X STRONG hooks for handling strong fish, choose collar keep, color options, Heavier or Lighter options, as well as Unskirted, XL Skirted or HalfNHalf (Half XL Skirted, Half Unskirted), includes the following jig sizes:

Heavier Kit: 4- 3/4oz, 4- 1oz, 4- 1.5oz, 4- 2oz, 4- 2.5oz and 4- 3oz

Lighter Kit: 4- 3/8oz, 4- 1/2oz, 4- 3/4oz, 4- 1oz, 4- 1.5oz and 4- 2oz

*All in a Plano Box