The FootballShaker jigs are similar to our SnakeShakers except they are poured on a Gamakatsu hooks and have a football shaped head, they are great for targeting Snakehead, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Flounder etc. Our Shakers come standard with 30lb stainless hardware to stand up but can be upgraded in the “Add On” section to target bigger species.

Color Descriptions:

BloodSplatWhite- White/Red Jig, Gold Bubbler Blade

BloodSplatNeo- NeonYellow/Red Jig, Silver Bubbler Blade

PinkNSilver- Pink/Silver Jig, Silver Blade

OrangeNeo- BlazeOrange/NeonGreen Jig, Gold Bubbler Blade,

BlackNeo- Black/NeonYellow Jig, Gold Blade

AllWhite- White Jig, Silver Bubbler Blade

BlackNRed- Black/Red Jig, Gold Blade

BlackNBlue- Black/Blue Jig, Silver Bubbler Blade

FireTiger- NeonGreen/Orange/NeonYellow Jig, Gold Blade