10/0 2X STRONG BigRig Jig w/ SINGLE KEEPER (Unskirted)


For those that don’t need to customize their jigs with our many options and just want to click and go, we offer these pre selected color combo options, just choose the pattern and the jig size, and you’re finished. Quick and easy but same great quality, leave the building decisions to us and get back to fishing fast.

-Single Keeper Collar

-Upgraded 2X STRONG 10/0 hooks for all jig sizes

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Color Descriptions

Bleeder- White/Red Splatter Jig, Red Eyes

DarkBleeder- Black/Red Jig, Red Eyes

LimeUp- White/NeoGreen/NeoYellow Jig, FloRed Eyes

ChartJeusy- NeoYellow Jig, Chart Eyes

BluNBlack- Black/White Jig, Silver Eyes

MarylandPride– White/Red/Yellow Jig, Red Eyes

BluCrush- Blue/Silver/NeoYellow Jig, Pearl Eyes

Atomic- BlzOrange/Gold/NeoYellow Jig, FloRed Eyes

FreshBunker- Gold Jig, Gold Eyes

PlatinumPink- White/Silver/Pink Jig, Silver Eyes

SeaBreezer- BabyBlue/Pink Jig, Pearl Eyes

TropicalBurst- Red/Silver/NeoYellow Jig, FloRed Eyes

ChromeNeo- NeoYellow/Silver Jig, Gold Eyes

PinkoNade- Pink/NeoYellow Jig, Silver Eyes

FireTiger- NeoGreen/BlzOrange/NeoYellow Jig, FloRed Eyes

Charple- Purple/NeoYellow Jig, FloRed Eyes

SnowMan- White Jig, Pearl Eyes

ThePoe- Black/Gold/Purple Jig, Gold Eyes

DarkTreuse- Black/NeoGreen/NeoYellow Jig, Chart Eyes

IceCrush- White/Silver/BlzOrange Jig, Pearl Eyes

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Bleeder, DarkBleeder, LimeUp, ChartJeusy, BluNBlack, MarylandPride, BluCrush, Atomic, FreshBunker, PlatinumPink, SeaBreezer, TropicalBurst, ChromeNeo, PinkoNade, FireTiger, Charple, SnowMan, ThePoe, DarkTreuse, IceCrush


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