JIGGED UPWe pride ourselves in only producing and selling the best quality along with the most customizable gear possible for fishing the Chesapeake Bay in any condition or season. Our gear is an excellent choice in many other fisheries inshore and offshore as well, they will hold up to anything that eats them, everything we make is also used by us on every trip we go out on, so we see hslidertestow it holds up, and if things are changing in production we will know.  We also hand inspect every jig and plastic before it is shipped or delivered. With many options to choose from and even more possibilities if you directly message us, we give you the customer service you deserve and allow you to customize even more.  We work hard to get all orders processed, completed and shipped within 3 to 4 days but at times it could be a 2 week time frame maximum (we will notify), we apologize ahead of time if orders back things up but with it being a small operation along with having a full time job and little anglers to raise, time can get crunched.  Our jigs are poured on a extremely tough black nickel hook, we double dip and cure our powder for a durable finish then super glue a 3D eye on and skirt it if chosen as a finishing touch. These jigs are proven to last and catch fish, rig them with one of our custom plastics made to take a beating and they are also fully customizable.